Agía Pelagía Dance on Easter Sunday


During the summer months there are several festivities, the so called “γλέντη” (glenti) or “Summer Dances” that are organized in different villages all over the island. You can find each year’s festivity agenda in the Kythera Summer Edition:

Kythera Summer Edition

There are other cultural events as well like the International Music Day in Kapsali, several photographic, painting and art exhibitions. Events/lectures are organized by the Friends of the Kythera Museum, special church services and of course there is the Sunday Market (“το παζάρι”) in Potamós, which is held every Sunday between 10:00 and 13:00. Locals come to sell their home made products like jams, chutneys, olive oil and the famous thyme honey of the island. You should also try the cinnamon flavoured liqueur called Fatouráda.

Helichrysum Flowers: Sempreviva, Everlasting Flowers. A native to the Mediterranean the golden yellow flower heads of the Helichrysum are collected before they open for herbal use, to make aromatic, spicy and slightly bitter teas. The name is derived from the Greek helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold.

People come here to meet up, have a drink along with something to eat, listen to (live) music and have fun… Needless to say to urgently get your free copy of the Kythera Summer Edition in printed form, you’ll find them in common places like supermarkets, shops and restaurants.


Kythera is not only a perfect place for rest and relaxation, but also famous for it’s hiking possibilities. Probably the best way to explore the island is on foot (“με τα πόδια”) and to make this undertaking a litte easier is by following one of the many hiking paths that are marked by the letter “M” (for “Μονοπάτια”) followed by a trail number.

Kythera Hiking

Off the Beaten Track

You can also contact the local hiking specialist on the island (Frank van Weerde) to let you guide the way on his many tours or excursions, with or without a guide, and/or buy his booklet that contains detailed descriptions of 30+ different hikes/walks, varying in length and “heaviness”, but there is definitely something in it for everyone.

Pyrgos House

The booklet is available in several languages: Greek, English, German, Italian and Dutch. It is for sale in several places (but only on Kythera) for 12,50 € (Edition 2022).

Live Music

Traditional Greek Instruments

Especially during the summer there are many musical events varying from traditional greek bouzouki players to modern rock artists. So, if you like to go out and drift off into the musical spheres, keep your ears open and follow “the rumours” or else check out the musical agenda of the following places:

Astikόn (Potamόs)
Banda Landra (Kapsali)
Kokkino Spaleto (Frilingkiánika)

In the village of Frilingkiánika, the taverna called “Κόκκινο σπαλέτο” opposite the church is a recently renovated taverna with lovely food and live music at least once a week.

Boat Trips

The Magical Green Pool

During the summer months you can call captain Spiros for a wonderful trip to the magical “green pool” or Chytra (“the Egg”) on his glass bottom boat. Normally you can find the boat in the harbour of Kapsáli.

+30 69740 22079

Some more pictures and information you can find on his facebook page:

Captain Spiros

Recreational Sports


If you like to pump up some more adrenalin, there are all sorts of possibilities like biking, paddleboarding, canyoning and beach volleyball, but also more relaxing activities like yoga classes. More information you’ll find at the facebook page:

Outdoor Activities Greece

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

For those who like to discover the beauties that lie beneath the surface of the sea, there is also a scuba diving center on Kythera with an office in the bay of Kapsali. There are several kinds of courses you can follow on different diving sites. For more information, please follow the link below:

Kythera Dive Center