Kythera National Airport

The Greek island of Kythera is located between western Crete and the South East part of the Peloponnese. You can travel there either by plane from Athens or by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus (close to Athens) and Neapolis (on the Peloponnese opposite Kythera):


Athens (ATH) – Kythera (KIT) ~ 40 minutes
Olympic Air / Sky Express / Timetable

Ferry Boats

Neapolis – Kythera ~ 1¼ hour ~ F/B Porfyrousa
Piraeus – Kythera ~ 6½ hours ~ F/B Aqua Jewel

Ferry Boat “Porfyrousa” in Diakofti

Car Rental

If you don’t have a car of your own, it is advised to rent a car, since there are no public means of transportation on Kythera. At the airport of Kythera as well as the port of Diakófti, there is a car rental agency we can highly recommend:

It is also possible to rent a motorbike, a regular (mountain) bike or even an electric bike.


In case you prefer to let someone else “do the driving”, there are quite a few taxis to choose from as well. Although every taxi driver will be happy to drive you to every possible location on the island, it may be a bit more practical to call one who lives in a closeby area, leading to our selected shortlist:

For a more extensive list, you can click on the following link: Taxi Drivers

Route Descriptions

When arriving at the airport of Kythera you may first want to visit a supermarket which is located in Aroniádika (closed on Sundays). See below for some handy route descriptions.

Airport to Supermarket (5.4 km)
Airport to Supermarket (5.4 km)

Leaving the exit at the airport, the road turns right after 800 m. From there on you follow the road until after 4.5 km you arrive at a T-junction. Here you turn left and after 100 m you turn right entering the parking space at the supermarket.

Supermarket to Angaliá Spíti (10.8 km)
Supermarket to Angaliá Spíti (10.8 km)

Exit the parking space at the supermarket by turning left and after 100 m you turn right. After following this road for 2.0 km, you turn right (in the direction of Mitáta, Paleópoli and Avlèmonas). Turn left after 850 m (in the direction of Paleópoli and Avlèmonas) at the following road signs:

Road Signs (turn left here)
Road Signs (turn left here)

Now follow this (long and winding…) road, that has two sharp turns after 5.5 km where the road goes over a small bridge (so please drive slowly here) and after an extra 2.2 km you will arrive at Angaliá Spíti on the right side of the road. The driveway is right next to a natural stone wall also marked with a green reflecting sign with the number “42“.

Driveway to Angaliá Spíti

When you arrive by ferry boat from Neápoli or Piraeus in the port of Diakófti, the following directions will guide you to Angaliá Spíti:

Port at Diakófti to Angaliá Spíti (10.2 km)
Port at Diakófti to Angaliá Spíti (10.2 km)

When leaving the port area, you simply have to follow the road leading up the hill and after driving for 4.7 km you turn left in the direction of Avlèmonas. Follow this concrete (bumpy) road until after 3.5 km you arrive at a T-junction (close to the sea) where you turn right in the direction of Paleópoli. After 1.3 km (just after Skandia restaurant) you turn right.

Exit Paleópoli Sign
Exit Paleópoli Sign

After 850 m you’ll arrive at Angaliá Spíti on the left side of the road (just before the traffic sign indicating you’re leaving Paleópoli). Next to the driveway leading to the house you can see a green reflecting sign with the number “42“.

Driveway Entrance /
Driveway Entrance / “42”

In case you have made a reservation, you can obtain the keys to the house through our cheerful cleaning lady, Julietta. Most of the time she works at Palaeopoli Villas (which is very close to Angaliá Spíti) and she will welcome you on the day of your arrival.

Angaliá Spíti to Palaeopoli Villas (600 m)