Local Vegetables (Λαχανικά)


The nearest minimarket is located in the lovely village of Avlèmonas (5 minutes by car) and a fully equipped supermarket can be found in Aroniádika (15 minutes by car) directly along the (north/south) main road with plenty of parking space.

Opening hours:

Aroniádika: 08:00 ~ 20:00 (Monday ~ Saturday)
Avlèmonas: 09:00 ~ 14:00 / 17:00 ~ 21:00 (Daily)

More supermarkets are located in Agía Pelagía, Potamós, Karvounádes, Tsikalaría, Livádi, Chóra and Kapsáli.


Skándia Restaurant
Skándia Restaurant

There are many good restaurants on the island, but the nearest one (and certainly one of the best) is only 800m away from the house which is called “Skándia“. The nearest village of Avlèmonas has a couple of restaurants: “Bótzio” (cafe), “Sotíris” (fish tavern), “Limanáki” and “Psomoladéa” that are all worth a visit. In Mitata you will find Michalis’ place (15 minutes by car) with a great view over the valley and located next to the old church (which unfortunately got heavily damaged by the earthquake of 2006). And a 20 minute drive away in the village of Frátsia you’ll find a totally charming restaurant called “Família“. But of course there are more restaurants in other parts of the island located mostly in Agía Pelagía, Potamós, Livádi and Kapsáli.

Bakery Shops

Bakery Shop in Karvounádes
Bakery Shop in Karvounádes

You can buy bread in most supermarkets but if you want it “real fresh”, you should go to one of the bakeries in Karavás, (along the road to Agía Pelagía), Potamós (at the square), in Karvounádes (along the main road) or in Livádi (just after the Shell gas station). While you’re there we also recommend to try a bag of “paximadiá”, a special kind of crunchy bread rusk which is quite famous all over Greece.

Cash Machines (ATMs)

For cash money withdrawals from your bank account you can find ATMs in Avlèmonas (at Sotíris tavern), Potamós, Livádi, and Chora (Kythera). During the summer months there is also an ATM along the boulevard in Agía Pelagía and Kapsáli.

Gas Stations

All the gas stations on Kythera are situated along the main north/south road in the middle of the island: between Logothetiánika and Potamós there are two (Avin and BP), there is one in Kondoliánika (Cyclon) and another one in Livádi (Shell).

Medical Services

Hopefully you won’t be needing it, but at least it’s good to know where you can find medical support in case you do need it. In Kythera there’s a quite new hospital (“Νοσοκομείο”) along the main road between Potamós and Aroniádika. Apart from the road signs you can recognise the building because of it’s yellow colour. In case of emergency you can call directly to the hospital: +30 27360 33203 or the European emergency number “112”.

Pharmacies can be found in Potamós (directly along the main road when you enter the village from the south/east side), in Karvounádes (next to church) and in Livádi (along the main road).